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Possible Health Effects of Mycotoxins

Possible Health Effects of Mycotoxins Chronic effects of common mycotoxins: Aflatoxin: Liver cancer, lung cancer Citrinin: Kidney and respiratory disease Citroviridin: Neurotoxic / brain disease Gliotoxin: Lung disease Ochratoxin: Kidney and liver disorders Patulin: Lung hemorrhage and brain disease Satratoxin: Neurotoxic / brain disease Trichothecenes: Immune suppression, skin…

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Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Orlando, FL ​​MOLD EXPOSURE SYMPTOMS Cold and Flulike symptoms (More frequent and hang on longer than a regular flu/cold) Sinus infections- that will not go away after 3 months (Confirmed by the Mayo Clinic) Itchy eyes, sneezing…

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Know Your Rights In The Air

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