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Certified Mold Inspector

House Doctor Pomales has over 30 years of experience performing thorough mold inspections.
Tony performs mold inspections in homes, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings. How is House Doctor Pomales unique? He does a thorough inspection for moisture to find the underlying causes of mold problems. It is important to not only find the mold problem but also understand why it is growing.  Tony also has experience working in some of the highest moisture areas in the US including Southern Florida and the US Virgin Islands.

Mold Testing

Once the problem is identified I recommend the best places to collect samples, if any.  Air samples may be collected under normal conditions, or with the air disturbed.  We may also recommend inner-wall sampling, which collects air from behind drywall-based walls.  Besides air samples, we may take surface samples (tape lift and swabs), bulk samples, mVOC air tests, or ERMI tests on settled dust.  I establish a sampling plan based on what we identify during my inspection, taking into consideration your budget.

Air Quality Testing

If you suspect that the air quality in your home is poor, hire a professional like Tony who can test the air quality and give you an informed recommendation. House Doctor Pomales will be able to test for degraded air due to: Indoor mold, Lead-based paint, Dust particles and other dust mite allergens, Smoke-related air pollution, Air fresheners, candles, and incense, Household cleaners, Combustion particles or gases.

Why Choose House Doctor Pomales?

“House Doctor” is in my name for a reason. I use the most advanced instruments and testing methods when performing indoor air quality testing.

Chose House Doctor Pomales to have an expert involved in your project. There is no other air quality testing company in Florida that can match our knowledge and years of experience with assessing the indoor environment.